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  • I have a friend Mario Lopez that just got locked up and is facing possible deportation. He doesn't have any family in his country. and his family needs prayer too to stay strong. Pray for him and let God's will be done. Thank you!
    leonel caro - Jan 18 2012
  • Dear heavenly jesus father, pls bless our ceramic is facing lots of production and quality problems and not doing well. pls bless this company so that it prospers and flourishes with your blessings-this i ask in the name of our lord and saviour jesus christ.amen.
    sony motwani - Jul 20 2011
  • My Wife Bernadine need Friday & Saturday permanent days off at her job. So she can go to church on the sabbath with me.
    John Demello - May 10 2011
  • Please pray for our unborn baby. I am 8 months pregnant and our baby was given a grim diagnosis. Our baby's kidneys and lungs need to grow healthier and stronger. Our baby is very much wanted and loved. We need all the prayers we can get. Please pray for us! Thank you and God bless!
    Traci C - Mar 23 2011
  • I request prayer for family, my son who is suffering from back problems,and my wife to regain her enegry
    Elder Wayne Hudson - Jan 25 2008